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Transformative Partnership for a Sustainable Tomorrow

At Indeanta E-Mobility, we are excited to align with academic institutions/gated communities that prioritize sustainability and innovation—values we hold dear in the crafting of our transportation solutions. We extend a formal invitation to partner with us in implementing state-of-the-art electric shuttles and e-bikes on your esteemed campus.

Engineering Excellence for Environmental Stewardship

Our meticulously engineered electric shuttles and e-bikes are designed not merely as vehicles but as embodiments of environmental stewardship. The intention is to provide your faculty, staff, and students with an environmentally responsible yet remarkably efficient mode of transportation. A partnership with Indeanta E-Mobility can seamlessly integrate with your existing sustainability initiatives, amplifying your institution’s positive impact on both local and global eco-systems.

Benefits of Partnership


Contribute to a cleaner, greener future by reducing carbon footprints and reliance on fossil fuels.


Enhance campus-wide mobility, allowing faculty, staff, and students to traverse the campus with increased convenience and speed.

Community Engagement

By adopting forward-thinking mobility solutions, instil a sense of community and shared responsibility toward environmental sustainability.

Leveraging Advanced Technology for Streamlined Mobility Solutions

Indeanta E-Mobility employs sophisticated, user-centric technology to optimize the reservation and accessibility process. Through our intuitive mobile application, users can effortlessly locate and reserve available electric shuttles and e-bikes, thereby ensuring a seamless and efficient transportation experience.

What we offer?

Electric Shuttle Service

Indeanta E-Mobility features a meticulously curated fleet of electric shuttles, engineered to provide efficient transit between critical campus locations. Designed with a focus on comfort and reliability, our shuttles facilitate timely and convenient transportation for both students and staff.

E-Bike/Scooter Rental Service

Our e-bike rental service offers an eco-conscious and enjoyable solution for personalized campus mobility. Ideal for short-distance transit, our e-bikes provide a refreshing alternative to conventional modes of transportation, allowing users to navigate the campus at their own convenience and pace.

How to get started?

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